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There are old comics I genuinely love in the same way I’d love a modern book (Mister Miracle), old comics I love in spite of them being tied up in references and that haven’t been used since Nixon (Lee/Romita Spider-Man), and there are comics that I love because they’re a product of their time (Mod Wonder Woman). 
Superman’s Girl Friend: Lois Lane doesn’t fall into any of these categories.

Superman’s Girl Friend: Lois Lane is an unending parade of batshit insanity without any of the kooky fun you get from Wonder Woman of the same era. Issue after issue Lois schemes and plots (usually wearing a halloween costume) to trick Superman into marriage, an institution which, if you believed Lois Lane, is pretty much akin to slavery and its a-ok to be forced into it, or for your boyfriend to make bets where the forfeit for him loosing if you marrying a supervillain/alien/ or the Devil himself (issue 103 if you don’t believe me, although the cover is miss leading, you see Superman hears Lois say she’d sell her soul to marry Superman, so in his usual Superdickery way dresses up as the devil to torment and emotionally scar her/teach her a valuable lesson). And yet there in lies the appeal.

You see this Lois Lane is not the awesome Margot Kidder Lois Lane, instead she’s a total sociopath, and not in the fuzzy logic crazy person real life Margot Kidder style, this one is an actual murderous sociopath. She travels through time and space to Krypton, doesn’t mention the whole impending doom thing and instead starts hitting on Jor-El Supermans father, before coming back to earth/traveling back in time to Smallville to worms her way into the Kent household by promising to babysit lil’ Clark with the sole intention of brainwashing him into loving her. 

Yet despite all of this, the most famous issue is this one, issue 106 where Lois uses a machine to turn herself black in order to trick the ghettoized black citizens of a clearly segregated Metropolis* into helping her win a Pulitzer. But instead Lois learns two valuable lessons; firstly white AND black people can have the same blood type, and secondly black people will hate you until you help them.

It’s well intentioned, but slightly racist slice of Superman’s Girlfriend: Lois Lane, that has lead me to conclude that there is no Superman. He’s a delusion in Lois’s clearly addled brain. There was no body mold machine, just a mentally ill woman with some black face paint and deep seated  issues with race and marriage. No really, the first page is Lois asking Superman if could still marry her now that she’s black. 

(*All the black people on earth hadn’t moved to the magical Island that works like Brigadoon yet)

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