Following the bright trail blazed by last years My Bloody Valentine 3D Tinto Brass the director of Caligula hinted that he wanted to remake his most famous film, only this time the boobs will be in 3D!


You’re thinking that sounds awesome right? Well you sick fuck just keep in mind that  Helen Mirren sees everything you do while watching it and shes not pleased.


I’ve never seen the film so I can’t say for definite that it is actually the self indulgent trash porn that almost everyone whos seen it makes it out to be, but considering that Gore Vidal only got it financed by promising to include as much sex in it as possible to promote Penthouse Magazine it seems like a pretty sure bet. However I have to say that I think there is something inherently awesome about the idea of a Penthouse film written by Gore Vidal and rewritten by Malcolm McDowell staring Peter O’Toole and Helen Mirren and a bunch of real life criminals playing the members of the Senate. If it wasn’t 3 hours long I’d probably give in and watch it, if the 3D version gets made I’ll feel like I have to. But until then I’ll stick to a mock trailer of a remake made for a Versace promotion:

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