Last Tuesday I doodled Robyn Hood from Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Avenging Spider-Man/Captain Marvel storyline on the Luas.

The day before, I was on Duke Street on my way to see Looper (it’s ok, not great) walking behind a tourist couple. I slowed down as they got to the gap between M&S and the flower sellers because life has taught me tourist/country folk will, without fail, come to a dead halt in the middle of the gap.

Anyway, at that point I realised it was Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue Deconnick.¬†Would that I’d had my Space Jam style talent stealing basketball.¬†

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    This makes me feel better about the time I got trapped in a subway turnstile. Thanks Kelly Sue, New York and I are now...
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    Whoops! Sorry. I lived in NYC for a decade; I feel your pain. My favorite was folks who would stop at the top of the...
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